Arriving is just the start. Arriving is not the end of your journey (even if it is about the journey and not the destination). This concept has been a core message throughout my last few months.

I had a flashback memory recently of a friend’s birthday party. I happened to be in his city and could attend. So I dressed up like a zombie and headed out to the Zombie Karoake themed event. Shortly after arriving we had dinner and then shortly after that I left. I felt I had put in a good showing, stayed for what was an appropriate amount of time and then left.

What the hell was I thinking?

I’m embarrassed thinking back to that party. I left a really good friend’s birthday at an “appropriate” time. That’s not OK. It’s taken me a few years to have that flashback and place it in context.

The context is a simple one – Showing up isn’t enough.

No one is good or important enough to just show up and let that be it. You need to show up and then participate, engage and perform.

Now obviously I’m not talking specifically about engaging and performing at a Zombie Karoake birthday party (although it helps if you look like a zombie and can belt out “In the air tonight” in proper fashion). I’m talking about life, business, relationships and everything in between.

Showing Up Isn’t Enough.

This is also not a new way of thinking but it’s something that I feel a lot of people forget. When you’re building a business or developing a product, launching isn’t enough. Launching is just the start.

When we launched Motribe we sent out press releases and shouted from the rooftops. What a stupid thing to do.

Launching isn’t enough. Launching is like showing up: Hey, we’re here, aren’t you proud of us?

No. Launching is just the start of an incredibly long and difficult journey in business. Launching is just the beginning of the next iteration of your product, the next sale, the next event, the next hire, the next phase.

Showing up is just the start of the night, launching is only the beginning of the journey.

What you do the day after launch is what really matters. Do you wait for people to show up and praise your genius and buy your product? Or do you hustle to get the first sale and the next one and every sale after that?

Launch, take a breath and then leap into the detail and hard work of running your company.

Don’t launch and pat yourself on the back, sit around and call yourself a success for being at the party.

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