It’s easy to be a dick at work. It’s easy to be mean to people. It’s easy to default to the agro boss who pushes people to the brink.

Everyone writes about the tyrant who screams and shouts at staff and makes them miss their kids birthdays.

I believe humans default to dick status because it’s what we’ve been told a successful boss should look like (Steve Jobs). There are probably ten times as many nice people who are run great businesses but just don’t get spoken of or written about.

No one is winning an Oscar for portraying a pleasant boss who built a decent business and lived a full and happy life.

Those stories are boring.

However, I think those stories are the necessary ones.

As a business owner I often forget that saying thank you is a simple way to rally the troops.

Over the past few months Nic Harry has been moving over to new backend systems. A new accounting platform, stock management system and various other moving parts. It’s been a tough transition and for the most part I have just let the smart people around me do their thing.

Without really realizing how much strain the team has been under I have recently applied a lot of pressure. I kept driving and kept shouting when things weren’t moving forward at a pace I was happy with.

Yesterday I realised we were close to solving things and all we needed was a final, concentrated effort to get things right. Instead of sending out a driving, aggressive email I decided to send out a mail to my team as well as our partners to thank them for their effort.

I immediately received responses from people sincerely appreciating the mention of their efforts.

A sincere thank you can go a long way.

Don’t underestimate it and don’t abuse it. Say thank you when it has been earned and mean it sincerely.

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