In a world filled with screens and people-free sales processes it’s easy to forget about relationships.

Relationships are built between two real, living, breathing individuals. They are kept alive by honest engagement and they are rewarded with genuine interest and a human touch. Nothing beats that. Ever. No Google Advert. No banner. No bullshit.

Selling is not about moving product from your warehouse into your customer’s hands. It’s about building a relationship that leads someone to trust you enough to part with their hard earned cash.

Having an amazing product is just the start. Amazing product just gets you in the game. There are many, many companies that sell coffee. Some succeed and some dont. Many will argue why but my answer is simple: the successfull companies build a relationship with their customers. Selling a good product makes you just like the next person selling a similar thing. You both have a good product.

Are you building relationships or pushing product?

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