There is this wierd, awkward, unspoken situation that exists between friends and family: When using a friend’s service or buying their products you should get a discount.

Most people default to giving a discount to friends. I think this is wrong and here’s why:

Friends should want to pay full price. Friends should want to help you succeed, grow your business and empower you to be better at what you do.

Over and above everything else, if your friends want to buy something from you, you should want to give them the best you can. If you are discounting your product or service, you will immediately want to treat them differently to a full paying customer. That’s not right.

My motto is:

Friends Pay Full Price (FPFP).

I’m happy to offer loyal customers value. Whether they are friends or not, if you support me, I’ll support you.

More businesses should take this approach to billing friends and family. Full price or nothing. Imagine going into Vodacom or PWC and saying: “I know the CEOs brother really well, please can I get a your product with a  friends discount of 20%.”

You’d be laughed out of the building. So if big business can take this stance, why can’t small business?

Let’s put a stop to this behaviour. From today, right now, if a friend or family member wants to use your product or service, make them pay full price.

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